With the increasing demand for energy, it is important to ensure the continuity of power supply in the network environment.

With the increasing demand for energy, ensuring the continuity of power supply in the network environment is crucial. However, choosing a traditional UPS based on run-time and power consumption may not always be sufficient for determining the best possible solution. It is essential that the selected system can scale with the user's needs, and connecting to solar panels or integrating with energy management systems is becoming more common in determining the right solution.


To achieve a growth path, the application of a modular UPS setup is available. Depending on the expected maximum power, a housing is selected and electrically connected to the underlying distribution system. This housing can then be equipped with one or more inverters suitable for the current power consumption and expanded as needed.

Plug & Play

For 1-phase UPS units up to 10KVA, we often refer to "plug & play" models that do not require complex electrical work. This is in contrast to 3-phase UPS units for which Forehand offers installation support, and we can fully handle commissioning and maintenance.

Installation Support

Once placed and configured, it is crucial to connect the underlying equipment correctly to the UPS. For this, a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is required, connecting servers and switches to the (preferably) bypass switch. It may also be required to monitor, measure or control the consumed power of the entire PDU or each individual outlet.


The UPS systems and intelligent PDUs can be accessed via the web interface and are equipped with the ability to be managed through software solutions. For example, Vertiv recently released "Environet™ Alert," which monitors not only the 3D heat view of the data center and asset management but also the power consumption of PDUs and UPS units.


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