Data Centers

The data center is the hub of the ICT environment and organization. Not only does the MER, SER, or the data center guarantee the storage of large amounts of business-critical and other data, but modern data center solutions also enable the further optimization of ICT efficiency and data flows.

As a distributor of data center products, Forehand is pleased to provide advice on the configuration and selection of the right type of infrastructure and network equipment.

Internet of Things, cloud applications, smart buildings, and external data storage are all contributing to the significant growth of data centers. When making a data center future-proof, the design is particularly crucial: which topology is applied? Top-of-Rack, End-of-Row, Direct Attached, or Any-to-All are all possibilities with their own characteristics and advantages. The choice of topology and corresponding cabling solution ultimately depends on bandwidth, latency, redundancy, virtualization, scalability, flexibility, and stability. Of all ICT investments, the cabling infrastructure within the data center has the longest lifespan and is the least easily replaceable without disrupting daily processes. It is certainly a decision worth careful consideration.

"Reliably storing and transporting data require a stable and flexible network infrastructure."

Answering Tomorrow's Questions

When designing a data center, network cabling, topology, installation, security, cooling, and power of the active components are important areas of focus. A future-proof network cabling concept leads to reliability and stability, resulting in a reduction of operating expenses. For each situation, we design a unique data center. By implementing intelligent patch management systems, we save on the required number of switch ports, make them easy to manage, establish a comprehensive patch administration, prevent incorrect patches, and gain clear insight into port occupancy.

Forehand advises considering all these aspects when determining the number of racks and especially during the installation and type of infrastructure. Depending on usage, different installation options are discussed, with budget and future-proofing being part of the advice. A future choice, for example, of 25, 40, 100, or 400 Gbp/s, should not be hindered by a limitation in network topology. Given the size and impact of data center setup projects, Forehand additionally offers the service of taking care of the design and setup.

What can Forehand deliver?:

Forehand's portfolio consists of the most stable, high-quality, and innovative network components for various

  • Network infrastructures;
  • Blown fiber;
  • Patch and server cabinets;
  • Measuring and testing equipment. 

In addition, Forehand distributes a wide range of related network equipment, such as 


Customized Advice?

We are happy to assist you with personalized advice. Please contact us for an informal conversation or to schedule a meeting, either at our office or at your location.