The establishment of a network infrastructure indeed has an impact on the operational status of a business, akin to disconnecting the power supply.

As a specialized distributor of network cabling components, providing advice in selecting the right products is a crucial aspect of our operations. This applies to both the hardware we offer, the support we provide, and the facilitation of collaborations that strengthen each party involved.

Establishing a network infrastructure has a significant impact on a company's operational status, similar to disconnecting the power supply. Therefore, the choice of the right cable category, installation topology, and the applied technology related to Power over Ethernet is an essential consideration.

What do we offer?

Forehand provides network cabling solutions from reputable manufacturers that merge completeness, quality, and sustainability in their concepts. This enables us to select the "best of class" solutions that align with the specific environment for which the design is intended.

An example is the use of Service Concentration Points (SCP) in a Smart Building or the implementation of a fiber optic backbone suitable for IPTV in a Hospitality environment.

The technological landscape in our market evolves rapidly, and with the release of new (Ethernet) standards, it is imperative that the chosen cabling supports at least one, if not two, network generations.


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