Network devices

PDU Systems

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) or power strips are devices that regulate electrical power in a data center. They are essential for organizations that rely on stable connections.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

When connecting equipment in the computer room, a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with C13 and/or C19 connectors is used. Additionally, it may be desirable to measure or switch the consumed power of the PDU or each individual outlet. Particularly in environments where equipment is remotely located, such as in data centers, it may be necessary to manage the power supply to a server remotely. In this product range, a distinction is made between PDUs that can measure, monitor, and/or switch.

Forehand's PDU Portfolio

Forehand offers a wide range of horizontally or vertically mounted PDUs in its portfolio, equipped with various management capabilities such as options for temperature measurement, humidity control, door opening detection, leak detection, and more. Based on the desired number of outlets, power capacity, and number of phases, we select the best possible solution.

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