Network Components

Network infrastructures

Camera surveillance, access control and/or TV distribution increasingly often use the same IP network nowadays. The advantage of this is that it permits a significant reduction in infrastructure numbers, and therefore costs.

A lot of our daily activities revolve around the distribution of network infrastructures and solutions. Forehand provides smart solutions for both unshielded and shielded networks.

Today’s network infrastructures more and more often carry multiple building-related installations. In the past, networks were mostly concerned with telephony and data transmission, but nowadays camera surveillance, access control, TV distribution and other services often run via IP networks as well. This technological development allows for major cost savings, as it means that you need far fewer separate infrastructures.

Where network infrastructures and cabling concepts are concerned, Forehand works only with leading manufacturers such as Siemon, Corning, R&M and CCS. If desired, projects are certified before handover, giving customers a guarantee of a stable installation and a network infrastructure functioning at optimum level.