Optimal network infrastructure takes your services to the next level.

ICT and converge-IT offer regional and local public sector institutions infinite options to give their internal organization and the public a package of services built on accessibility, ease of use and security. Want to take the step to intelligent network infrastructures and converge-IT? Forehand advises customers and supplies network components and devices that meet the needs of parties in the public sector – today and tomorrow.

In particular, the application of IP within converge-IT does not always get the attention it deserves, even though the network infrastructure is the most important component of any public sector institution's ICT. Apart from use of IP for data and voice transmission, more and more building systems are relying on IP technology for the new potential it offers. Right now, Forehand is using IP technology to help prepare every public sector institution for the future. This is part of how we are getting public sector institutions ready for every conceivable long-term development in ICT.

In addition to infrastructures, Forehand offers state-of-the-art solutions for applications like distributing audio and video over these network infrastructures.