Ethernet in an industrial environment? This places significant demands on your ICT environment and network infrastructure.

When setting up a network architecture within industry, all of the components must be suitable for use in an environment that is not really conducive for data cabling. Cables, connectors, patch cords and plugs are sensitive to such factors as vibration, changes in temperature or high levels of air humidity. Selecting the right components for connecting cameras, sensors, control units or telephones is therefore an important step towards guaranteeing a problem-free network.

In our experience, it’s that infrastructure that doesn’t always get the attention that it needs, even though the right underlying network infrastructure is so crucial to the performance of the ICT environment. Not only does the network guarantee the stability, flexibility and availability of your ICT, today’s infrastructure can also offer you more opportunities to stay at the forefront of the market. Now, in addition to data exchange and telephone systems, IP technology is being used increasingly for other building systems, thanks to the many possibilities it offers.

Of all your ICT investments, the cabling infrastructure has the longest life span and is the hardest to replace without disrupting your day-to-day working processes. In other words, this really deserves the right choice.