Network devices

UPS Systems

For a network to be stable, protection is crucial. Protection against power cuts, for example, or against disrupted or reduced functionality resulting from unstable power supply. 

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

With the increase in business-critical applications, ensuring the power supply to IT equipment is crucial. Preventing power outage is not the only concern; monitoring (and if necessary, optimizing) the quality of the supplied power is equally important. Therefore, installing and maintaining a UPS for all patch locations in your network environment is a must for any setup.

UPS Installation Support

When purchasing larger UPS installations, Forehand is pleased to assist with the installation, commissioning, and delivery of the environment. These services can be optionally provided when requesting a UPS solution.

The installation service is particularly intended for installations powered by a 3-phase connection and mounted on an external bypass switch.

Forehand's UPS Portfolio

Thanks to UPS solutions from APC and Vertiv, Forehand provides a suitable UPS for every environment, tailored to your needs, equipped with an internal or external bypass. The portfolio includes 19" rack-mounted and standalone models with capacities ranging from 750VA to over 100KVA, based on 1- or 3-phase configurations.

For extending autonomy time, various external battery cabinets are available, allowing run-times of many hours depending on the power. In addition to installation and commissioning, Forehand also offers the option of a maintenance contract.

Maintenance of UPS Systems

When using electrical installations, it's necessary to regularly check the systems for proper operation. Some UPS checks can be independently performed by the installation manager using the provided software, without the risk of downtime for the connected installation.

Forehand also provides the option to include these functional tests in a maintenance contract. In this case, the engineer not only tests the batteries but, if necessary, replaces them immediately. Additionally, all relevant parts of the installation, such as fans, filters, and electrical connections (terminal strips) of the UPS and BY-PASS switch, will be visually inspected and cleaned. The maintenance contract can be tailored based on the requested installation and desired support.

We deliver high-quality UPS solutions for well-functioning network environments.