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Video: Siemon's Datacenter oplossingen

Video: Siemon's Datacenter oplossingen

The video also explains how WheelHouse takes advantage of Siemon’s innovative data center solutions to speed deployment, improve scalability, enhance manageability and increase efficiency, and combines them with Siemon’s expert data center design services and industry-leading support to help customers optimize their data centers. This includes demonstrating how VersaPOD® data center cabinets with shared connectivity, patching and power in the Zero-U space between bayed cabinets can reduce stranded power outlets by 75% and deliver an overall cost savings of at least 46% compared to traditional server cabinets, and V-Built™ preconfigured data center cabinets preloaded with Siemon components arrive ready to install active equipment, reducing the labor and time required to go live by as much as 30% while easing scalability, optimizing performance and significantly reducing onsite packaging and waste.


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